Our Instagram open air booth recently visited the halls of the world-class Westfields Mariott Washington Dulles hotel.

Aishani was the happiest girl that day, celebrating her Sweet 16 with all of her best friends. Our Instagram booth was invited to capture the night’s event. We placed the booth right at the entrance, so Aishani could grab a photo with every one of her friends that entered.

We brought all of our awesome props, including some crowns and tiara for the royalty of the night. Beards, sailor hats, and sunglasses were also a hit.

Guests could travel around the Westfield Mariott and enjoy the luxury of the reception. The food was a brilliant mix of Italian and Eastern cuisines. As everyone chowed down on their meal, each table went around the room making a presentation for sweet Aishani. We don’t think we’ve ever since so much love in one room!

The staff at Westfield Marriot was super easy to work with. We hope to see them soon! They looked after us very well and made sure we got some food, and some cake too. Decor was simple, but effective with blue and white lighting up the room. It was an excellent space for the festivities of the evening.

The fun character of our Instagram booth fit right into the environment, adding a touch of modern flair to the environment. Our white backdrop kept it their the balance of modern, sophisticated, and fun.

Aishani and her friend set the tone for the rest of the photos in the event.

Happy birthday, Aishani!!!!

Thanks to Horizon Entertainment for inviting us to the party!

The sunglasses club.

A rose ever so sweet.

Family of Mickey.

Chin up, people!

The fighters.