Your wedding should be all about you and your special someone. We know, you get that a lot but what this really means is that every decision you make, from the cake flavor to the reception playlist, should reflect your personalities and styles. If you’re a DIY diva, a fall wedding is a wonderful way to show off your skills, creativity, and personal flare with hundreds of ways to use bright autumn colors and natural materials to make your wedding decorations unforgettable. While we couldn’t possibly list them all, here are five of our favorite DIY decorations for your fall wedding.

1) Chalk Board Table Numbers 

You could just print up some cards for your table numbers, but why settle for the mundane? Little chalk boards are delightful DIY decorations to customize your wedding and display your table numbers in your personal hand writing. You can jot the numbers down quickly for a scrawl effect or spend a few minutes decorating, making each number a unique work of art. You can even make the boards slightly bigger and leave little pieces of chalk to invite personal messages and doodles during dinner, then shellack the boards for keepsakes when you’re finished.

2) Floral Swing

Who says your DIY decorations for your wedding all have to be on the table? With a few planks and some rope, you can DIY yourself up a set of little swings to hang above your tables or from tree boughs for an outdoor venue. To make one, all you need to do is drill a hole in the corner of each plank, pull the rope through and knot it. Each swing can be filled to overflowing with lush greenery accented with your choice of brightly colored flowers. For later fall weddings, you can use bouquets of colorful autumn leaves and pumpkins instead or even decorate with little hanging lanterns.

3) The Wish Tree

Wish trees are a delightful alternative or addition to a guest book and it’s easy to make one for yourself. All you need is a many armed tree-branch (or two), a base, and a lovely bowl or stand that matches your decorating style. The branch can be from your backyard, a local park, or scouted from a local craft or garden shop and the base can be anything that will hold it firmly upright. You can use clay, a styrofoam block or half-sphere, or even just a really big ball of duct tape. Cover the base with something you love like smooth river rocks, little pumpkins, or set it in a bowl of paper flowers. Finally, leave a few (tethered) pens and a stack of brown paper tags so your guests can leave you their warm wishes hung on the tree.

4) Wild Flower Aisle Runners

Aisle runners provide a little color and flair to the ceremony itself and can even be reused as table accents or distributed as guest favors later on. A great way to DIY a natural theme to your fall wedding is with bunches of wild flowers. You can set them in narrow garden boxes or even use simple mason jar vases. These bunches and their holders are easy to decorate with a few simple lengths of burlap, ribbon, and brightly colored fabric in your wedding colors.

5) Pine Cone Flower Candle Jars

If there’s one thing every wedding does differently, it’s table centerpieces. If you’ve been rocking out with the abundant natural resources of fall, you can make fragrant, beautiful, and surprisingly simple do it yourself centerpiece flowers with pine cones and hurricane vases. Pull off the pine cone pieces and re-arrange them into an open flower formation with the help of a hot-glue gun, then set the pine cone flowers into lengths of wide ribbon. Finally, tie the ribbons around hurricane vases (or some other clear jar) and set a large candle inside.

Wedding decorations have always been as diverse as the brides who design them and with DIY decorations, your decor can be as special as you and your spouse-to-be. Using readily available materials, you can put together a truly unique event full of fragrant flowers, vibrant fall colors, and your own personal style.