Everyone can remember at least one great wedding or birthday party they’ve attended. The food was tasty, there were plenty of beverages available, and the venue was convenient and attractive. However, it’s possible that the most memorable part of the evening was the music! Hiring a DJ for an event can be a daunting task. Here are a few things to look for when choosing your disc jockey.

Start the Search Online

Nowadays, the first place people look when they need to hire anyone for anything is the internet. Many questions you have about a business can be answered by a quick web search.

  • Ask for recommendations from your Facebook crew as these suggestions can leave the biggest impact.
  • Do a quick search on other social media to find a local DJ business. This can be especially helpful if the DJ posts pictures of events that they’ve covered in the past.
  • Seek out reviews on sites like Yelp for both the positive and the negative. Be especially cautious of any DJs that lack professionalism and respond critically to the negative reviews of their business.

Song Lists and Suggestions

Music selection is a personal taste. Maybe you aren’t quite sure what types of songs you would like played at your event. When hiring a DJ, make sure they can provide you with a list of songs that they play regularly and also offer a list of suggestions to guide you. They should also be responsive if you know exactly what you want. If they aren’t direct as to whether or not they can fulfill your needs, you should probably look for someone who is. And finally, make sure to ask whether or not they accept requests from attendees. While some DJs leave it up to the hosts to decide whether or not to accommodate music requests, others strictly do not allow it.

Emcee and Crowd Activities

If you’re looking for someone to announce different parts of a celebration such as the cake cutting at a wedding or the toasts at an anniversary party, you’ll need to make sure that the DJ is willing to act as an emcee. Some DJs are there strictly to provide music for the dance floor. Others are more than happy to direct the crowd’s attention wherever it’s needed and they do so with enthusiasm to make it fun!

Additionally, DJs often have a repertoire of wedding and party activities that correspond to music to get the crowd involved and entertained. If you have specific traditions you’d like included in your event, check with the DJ to ensure they can realize them.

When Hiring a DJ, Always Get References

One of the biggest factors in hiring a DJ is their experience. Endorsements from friends will have the biggest impact, but you should still ask for a list of references and venues they’ve worked previously. It’s also important to note how long they’ve been in business. Are they new at this or have they been working for years?

Technical Issues

When hiring a DJ, it’s important to get all of the technical information necessary. Some venues have requirements for sound levels, equipment, licensing, and insurance. Find out if the DJ you’re considering can meet all of these obligations.

Furthermore, you may want to ask if the DJ has a backup in case of equipment failure or some other type of difficulty. This sort of information should be included in a written contract to be signed by both you and the disc jockey.

A great DJ can make a party truly memorable. When searching for a DJ, remember to look for online reviews and ask about music selection, emcee work, references, and technical requirements. By checking out these details in advance, you’re setting your guests up for a wildly fun event!

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