Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a family reunion, a birthday party, or any other celebration, you want your guests to come away with plenty of priceless memories. And what better way to remember a happy event than with creative and fun photos? Photobooths make any event stand out, so here are six amazing DIY photobooth backdrop ideas to help you make the best of any party or event.

Streamers and tassels

A classic but classy idea, streamers and tassels are an easy way to add color and texture to your photobooth backdrop. Hang them vertically with a strip of packing tape for clean and colorful lines. Shiny tassels are sure to make you stand out, and streamers come in every color you can think of to suit anyone’s unique tastes. They make a fun and simple background for you and your loved ones’ smiling faces, and you’ll want to look back and remember that day for years to come.

Fun and fabulous food

Food isn’t just for eating anymore! String jumbo marshmallows on a white string and hang them from above for a photobooth backdrop that will satisfy any sweet tooth. It looks like it’s snowing sweets, and it makes a wonderful contrast for subjects wearing bright colors. If marshmallows aren’t your thing, try gumdrops or candy canes. Just remember not to eat the backdrop before you’re done with pictures!

Make some musical memories

For all you music lovers out there, try evenly spaced old vinyl records for a simple but interesting backdrop. If you want a little more depth, try CD’s, and string them randomly from the ceiling. Don’t forget to get some embarrassing dancing shots on camera as well! After all, what’s a party without a little bit of bad dancing?

Not just for kids 

Umbrellas, balloons, polka-dots…you name it! Try all of your favorite colors and combinations, from a wall of umbrellas or balloons to stickers in all different shapes. On a white backdrop, these are perfect for kids’ birthday parties, or even for adults! You can space polka-dots uniformly, or randomly for a chic and unique look that adds even more personality to your backdrop. Play around with different patterns and designs to see what you like best.

Go vintage

From linen to old picture frames, there are a million ways to get that classic vintage look for any romantic celebration. For weddings and anniversary celebrations, try couples photos with antique wood picture frames to frame the two of you just right. Or use strips of fabric in beige, dark blue, black, and white to add texture and class to your backdrop. Or, cover the background in old newspaper and strike a pose in your best suit and tie. Hint: the resulting pictures are guaranteed to make your friends jealous on social media.

Pretty paper and youthful yarn

Paper isn’t just for writing, and yarn isn’t just for knitting anymore! Try crumpling paper maché and sticking it on in diagonals for a photobooth backdrop that pops, or string yarn in zig-zags. As a bonus, clip leaves or flowers to the yarn or twine to make your photobooth a nature wonderland. You can also string yarn vertically in different colors, shapes, and lengths for an eye-catching look that’s sure to turn heads.

As you can see, the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to your photobooth. Whether you use these ideas or choose from our great selection, Wild Smiles Photobooth Company can be there to capture every moment and preserve every memory. We offer a wide variety of backdrops, themes, and photobooths so your event is just right and you can focus on making everything perfect for your guests.