Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive regarding a photobooth rental. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please contact us. We’ll get an answer to you as soon as we can.

Let us make you smile too

We have several photobooths, so most likely yes. Just fill out the Reserve a Date form to confirm available dates.

Are the photo prints included in your rental price?

Yes, every rental comes with unlimited photo sessions, and everyone that takes a photo receives a copy.

I've never used a photobooth before! Will I know what to do?

We have several photobooths, so most likely yes. Just fill out the Reserve a Date form to confirm available dates.

How many hours can I rent the photobooth for?

You can rent for as long as you like! We offer 2, 3 and 4 hours packages, but you have the option to add more.

Will someone be at the event to take care of the photobooth?

Yes, every rental includes a professional photobooth attendant that will ensure the photobooth operates smoothly.

Do we get copies of all the photos?

Yes. The photos will be stored in a private online gallery available for download.

How soon do I need to make my reservation with you for my event?

As soon as a date is confirmed, contract signed, and deposit made, the photobooth is officially yours for your event.

Can we provide custom logos and designs for the photostrips?

Yes. You will be able to preview your design, and make any modifications prior to your event.

What is your retainer?

After confirming your reservation and signing your contract, a $100.00 non-refundable deposit will be due. The deposit will be due 14 days prior to your event.

I have over 100 guest coming for my event! How many hours should I rent the photobooth for?

People tend to enter the photobooth in groups or as couples. Thus, at the very minimum you would need 50 photobooth sessions to get everyone through. Our photobooth on average does about 50 sessions an hour... Read more

How many people can fit in a photobooth?

As many as you can fit! (Our record right now is 12 adults at one time…)

Do you travel to farther out events?

We give 30 miles total round-trip from our rental office included in the contract. Every mile after the 30 miles is charged at $1.50 per mile.

How much time does it take for you to set up?

Please allot us an hour of time to set up and an hour of time to take down. So if your 3-hour event starts at 6pm, we’ll set up from 5pm-6pm and take down from 9pm-10pm.

Do I have to pay extra for set-up/takedown

Nope! This is included in your rental.

Can I bring my own guest book?

Yes, we will provide copies of each photo strip to insert into the guestbook at no extra charge.

What is your policy on tipping?

We say “thank you”! Tipping is not required, although always appreciated.

What happens if your photobooth breaks down?

There is almost nothing “disastrous” that can go wrong with the photobooths. We have had a few paper jams along the way, and those are usually resolved in a few minutes... Read more

Do I have to provide meal to the photobooth attendant?

If you are providing food or drink at the event, please make a dish available to our attendant.

We plan on using the booth outside, is that okay?

As there are many mechanical components involved, it is safest to keep the photobooth indoors away from risky conditions such as wind and rain... Read more

How many copies of each photo does each guest receive?

Each person in a group that enters the photobooth for a photo will receive a copy. Many other photobooths only offer one or two copies, but we believe every person should be able to take home the memories.

If I cancel my event after paying the retainer, will I get my deposit back?

No. By contract, the deposit is non-refundable.

How big are the photostrips?

The photo strips are 2″x6″.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, this will ensure a photobooth for the date of your event.

Thanks sooooo much for an amazing time on Saturday! Everyone had a total blast!!!! It was a total pleasure working with you!

Stephanie M., Rockville, MD