As the holiday season approaches, you are likely beginning to plan a holiday party for your staff and clients. You want to host an event that will wow everyone associated with your company and still is fun and social without the pressure we normally associate with a business function. In 2017, this means coming up with a theme that is relatable and dynamic. Here are seven of the most inspired ideas for your holiday party that everyone will appreciate.

Diner Days

Everyone loves to reenact days gone by and the diner scene of the 1950s is one of the most iconic time periods in American history. Think poodle skirts, a banana split bar, and bright colors. Your guests will love dancing to the twist and eating burgers and fries. Nothing beats taking a step back in time to the 1950s for an evening of youthful good-natured partying.

Hawaiian Heyday

Luau food makes for the most scrumptious buffet and winter is the perfect time to raise morale by inviting your guests to a Hawaiian vacation if only for one night. Turn up the thermometer and have partygoers wear their best cruise wear or board shorts and don’t forget the sunglasses. A few vintage surfboards and some flower leis may also come in handy when planning for this limbo-likely event!

Marvel Mayhem

Comic book characters have been coming to life with a vengeance in film and tv this year. So, why not make your employees feel like superheroes by throwing a Marvel themed party? Pop art decor and superfoods are the way to go with this innovative shin-dig – and don’t let anyone leave without posing for a photo wearing the Captain America helmet or wielding Thor’s hammer!

Wild Smiles has a complete collection of Marvel props that can accompany your photobooth!

Red Carpet Reception

If you want to make your guests feel special, give them the royal treatment with a red carpet affair. Finger foods and appetizers along with champagne cocktails will impress everyone from clients to copy boys and the evening wear can be outlandish! Every day can’t be a regal reception but why not roll out the red carpet this holiday season for one glamorous event?

Sequins and Sparkles

The daily grind doesn’t glisten, so throw a little glitz around and get down with a sparkling sequined event. Disco balls, silver, gold, and glitter make this an easy party to plan and decorating is so much fun. Take a look at the Miss Sleek photo booth – she’d blend into a sequins and sparkles party superbly!

Sweets Soirée

The holidays are our time to indulge and candy is the best way to do that. Glass centerpieces full of peppermints or colorful hard candy and a loaded dessert bar make the sweets soirée the perfect reward for a year of hard work. You can take this theme in the holiday direction with candy canes and gingerbread or keep it childlike with a Candyland flare. Either way, you’ll want to encourage guests to wear loose fitting clothes to pack in the calories!

Wild West Wonderland

Rustic charm is SO “in” right now. Get a barbecue joint to cater and let your guests wear cowboy boots and jeans for this hoe-down styled evening. Weathered Wood accessories and country music will give the party an authentic flare and check out the rustic photo strip designs that you could use for your custom souvenirs.

Wild Smiles and Your Holiday Party

Regardless of the theme of your holiday party, you’ll certainly want to capture all the fun by adding a Wild Smiles photobooth! Photo booths provide the perfect entertainment opportunity and souvenir offering to attendees and their guests. Wild Smiles has a number of well-priced packages complete with unlimited prints, loads of props that will suit your party, and a non-intrusive attendee to keep the photo booth station running efficiently and effectively throughout your event.

Contact us today to reserve a photo booth for your end of year bash and make it the best holiday party yet!