Props and Backdrops

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Backdrop Selection

Along with your photostrip design, you have the option of selecting a backdrop for your photos. If your photostrip design has a lot of visual details, then it’s best to choose a simple backdrop (and vice versa).

Here are the top 3 backdrop choices by clients:
1) White
2) Kingsley
3) Chantilly

Photostrip Selection

Just choose a template and let us know what you’d like to change and/or include.

•You have space for up to 50 characters, plus any event logo you’d like to include.
• All colors, fonts and text are customizable.

We’ll take care of the rest and get you a proof for your review. We make sure it looks just the way you want.

Props Selection

Wils Smiles offers a robust selection of props curated for your event. We curate them so that they fit in with your event type. We make sure that each prop set offers variety and is guaranteed to help your guests smile their wildest.

Thanks sooooo much for an amazing time on Saturday! Everyone had a total blast!!!! It was a total pleasure working with you!

Stephanie M., Rockville, MD