How do you draw crowds to your company event or trade show booth, and send visitors home with schwag they’ll actually enjoy and share? Simple! Rent a professional photobooth from Wild Smiles Photobooth Company and take advantage of these five inspirations for livening up your brand’s presence and ensuring that the word will get out about you and your company.

1. Gala backdrops

We provide a selection of fantastic backdrops for our rental booths, but we can always customize a backdrop with your logo or message. Since our custom booths are oversized, it’s easy to mimic the settings you see when your favorite celebrities make appearances at gala events and fundraisers.

Class up your corporate event and make your guests and employees feel and look like celebrities! Everyone will enjoy watching your guests pose for the camera.

This is a fabulous option for companies holding award banquets for their valued employees, or for events celebrating new clients and mergers.

2. Save-worthy souvenirs

Logo-covered schwag like key chains, coffee mugs or tee shirts often end up in the charity bin or hidden in cabinets and junk drawers. Give your guests something they’ll want to show off, with your logo or event printed on our photo strips! Your guests and their friends will see your branding on their refrigerator doors, their cubicle walls and even in their social media feeds, right under their grinning faces.

3. Team spirit

Rally your troops for whimsical group portraits, complete with our huge supply of props and backdrops that will incite hilarious interaction. Or, take the opportunity to use our flattering, professional lighting system to capture your crews in a more reserved yet still casual and fun group shot you’d be proud to post on your website. Our booths can hold up to 12 people (that’s our record, at least) without squeezing out your sense of camaraderie.

4. Product Showcase

Are you launching a product at your corporate event or trade show? Our photo booths are a great medium for letting your enthusiastic guests show off or try on your products. This is a perfect idea for companies launching smaller, interactive products.

Run with it! Have a tongue-in-cheek “Supermodel” contest, whether your guests are mugging with your new line of fashion accessories or playing “Vanna White” with a shiny new deep sea fishing reel. When people are hamming it up and having fun, it makes your product look good…even if your guests are doing their best to look just plain silly.

5. Company picnics

When you gather your employees and their loved ones for a family event, be sure to rent a photobooth, especially if you also give away shirts with your corporate logos. Lots of events have kid play areas separate from where the adults are hanging out, so families will appreciate the opportunity to goof off with one another in the setting you’ve provided for them, and they’ll love to have keepsakes of their fun day with their co-workers.

Kids adore photobooths and are great at getting grownups into the spirit. One great suggestion is to have the kids judge a “Goofy Photo Contest” with your company’s executives and department heads! Even better…let the kids team up to dress the grownups in our selection of props. Children can get away with bringing out our “wild side”, and we can help capture the evidence!

Saying “cheese” has never been so easy

We can set up our custom-built rental photobooths wherever you need them. Our units arrive with props, backdrops, instant printing and super fancy, no-hassle cameras. We’ll work with site managers and event coordinators to bring your Wild Smiles Photobooth to your event, whether it be at your corporate campus, a conference center or a local park pavilion. We bring the fun, and you supply the smiles!