A wedding comes with a lot of planning; planning for the perfect food, planning the ideal setting, planning the date for the big day, and planning the perfect dresses. However, one of the biggest parts that couples and wedding planners often leave behind is exploring wedding entertainment options for the guests! Many wedding guests aren’t big dancers or may feel uncomfortable mingling.

Don’t leave your guests behind on your special day. Here are a few entertainment options for your wedding guests so they remember this day for years to come.

1. Play with your food

Wedding food is something that everyone looks forward to. With some of the tastiest dishes and yummy cocktails, who would want to miss out on this explosion of flavor? Here’s an idea: Put up a “make your own pizza” or a “make your own ice cream” stall. Let your wedding guests go wild as you present them with dozens of options to create their own personalized meals. This idea is sure to keep your guests entertained. Put up a board of weird, quirky combinations that some of your guests can try out if they have a strong heart and stomach. Try ideas like “bacon flavored ice-cream,” and a vegan pizza with strawberries. Watch your guests go crazy!

2. Call in the professionals!

There are lots of unique wedding entertainment professionals you can hire for your wedding. Here’s one that will sure to impress–professional singing waiters! These servers are pros not only at ensuring that all your guests have exactly what they need to eat and drink, but they are also trained to randomly break into song and dance for your guests. Your guests will have a belly ache; not because of the food, but because of the laughter the great singing waiters at your wedding are sure to bring.

3. Surprise performance

Unleash your creative side when your guests least expect it. You can plan a special dance with your groom and wow the guests with your performance. Or perhaps you can plan a surprise for your guests and groom by whipping out your favorite instrument and playing a beautiful piece inspired by your love. Consider planning a special surprise performance with your bridesmaids and surprise all the guests, including leaving your groom awestruck.

4. Create a game room

Who among us does not like to channel our inner child and try our luck at a few arcade games? Create a miniature arcade for your guests at your wedding and watch them play away! If your wedding is a child-friendly one, then even better. You will have a safe space to keep the kids entertained while the adults enjoy a few champagne toasts or cocktails.

5. Install a photo booth

When you hear the word wedding, the first thing that immediately comes to mind is putting on some of the jazziest outfits and putting your best foot forward. Who knows who your guests might come across at the wedding and start a magical fairy tale of their own? Let your wedding guests capture the beautiful moments and their amazing outfits by installing a photo booth at the wedding.

Wild Smiles can help out with our wedding rental packages. Rental includes a professional camera, flattering lighting, attractive backdrops, lots of fun, unique props, and instant prints for every guest that takes a picture. Your guests will have a blast and the pictures will allow your wedding memories to live on.

The most important thing to remember is that this is your special day, and you need to have as much fun as possible. Provide wedding entertainment for your guests with these innovative ideas and let them have a crazy fun time at your wedding.

Oh, and congratulations!